It has been a busy year at Crowcombe Court.  The variety of events and seminars has been as diverse as our wonderful English weather.

We have continued to put forward with our aim to use as many suppliers from Somerset as we can.  The five most recent being:

Mr Miles – Tea and coffee

Bramley – Bathroom products

Quantock lavender – Treats for our Brides

Mr Pynes – Meat & fish

A David – General groceries

Visit Somerset and the Somerset Chamber have been pivotal in our quest to put Crowcombe Court firmly on the bigger map.  We have enjoyed ladies afternoon tea with the Chamber, her in the Great Hall and are looking forward to November the 29th when we are excited to be hosting the Visit Somerset AGM.

Investment Seminars, Networking events, drinks and canapes;  we have really enjoyed hosting these for Bridgwater Chamber, Clarke Wilmott, IOD and many others.

Music, wow! “Showstoppers” in 2017 and more recently another Opera Gala.  Such incredible talent brought intimately to all, again in the Great Hall.

We have had our fair share of weddings, guest numbers anything from 40 – 150.  Harry Potter seems to have been a popular theme this year!

The undercroft and licensed bar have also hosted numerous events be that parties, Antiques Fairs, eclectic Finnish folk music or Hog roasts, to name a few.

Looking ahead we have, after popular demand, another Antiques Fair at the beginning of October and latterly in the month will be joined by the notable author Clare Donoghue, who will be speaking to us about her life leading up to a writing career and also about her best seller, The Night Stalker, in which Crowcombe and The Quantocks feature heavily.

Christmas Balls and Parties are looming and looking into 2019 & 2020, as ever, it is popular to get married!